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Looking to the Future

Hello Everyone!

I am looking to book gigs for the spring and summer so if you know of any, please email me and let me know of them!  I am excited about sharing my music!  I have some great gigs lined up at familiar places (David Hill Winery, Blooming Hill Vineyards, etc) and have some good leads for new venues! 



My first gig at David Hill Winery was a complete success, in my humble opinion.  I arrived early and was allowed to set up and start playing music.  My set lasted two and a half hours.  It had been a few months since my last gig but I wasn’t rusty and the people listening were very receptive.  The tasting room was set up very well and allowed people to wonder around the two big rooms.  The event was well attended.  I had people that I know (my family and other good friends) show up and give a listen.

Michele, the tasting room manager, was an excellent host and made me feel right at home.  I got to try a few new wines and finally found a Merlot that I liked!  Michele offered me a glass and I said, “sure.”  I took my first leery sip but, to my surprise, I really enjoyed it.  We talked after my performance and she would like to have me back again soon.  I am hoping I get that opportunity because I had a great time and loved the atmosphere!

Thank you to those of you who showed up!  I wouldn’t be able to do this if I didn’t have your support!

Robert Bernadelli


Recently I have been listening to a lot of the music that I have created and written over the years.  As is the case with 99% of the songs I perform, I always create a chord progression that I really like and think is good.  Sometimes, I come up with a melody that I think would sound really good.  This is where my good fortune stops.  I can only think of five or so songs where the lyrics that I have written have not been forced or filled with a deli’s worth of cheese.  Three of those five are in a triological song that is more like a song in three movements.

I don’t know why I have a hard time writing lyrics.  Maybe its because I am very self critical and think that a lot of my material is not good enough to share (although I think a lot of artists have this deep inside them).  Maybe it is because I am interested in boring things: love, music, history, etc.  A song about the history of Oregon most likely would not speak to a wide audience.  Maybe it is because I am not confident in my singing skills.

Even when I write songs about things I am passionate about, the lyrics come out muddled and blurry.  I have a clear picture in my head of what I want to say, but the language and meter of words always messes up that picture.  I guess I need a lyricist.  Just as with painters and sculptors, I am in awe of those people who can channel their inner muse to craft and mold words.

Thankfully, for right now at least, I have been able to land gigs and performances with my instrumental music.  The more I perform and work with music, the more I know that it is what I am called to do.  I need some good lyricists/instrumentalists to partner with.


Enough of my verbal ramblings for one day.


So this upcoming Sunday I have a gig at David Hill Winery ( in Forest Grove from 2 to 4 PM!  I am very excited about getting to play at this amazing winery!  The tasting room is in this gorgeous, old farmhouse nestled on a hilltop covered by old vines.  Their amazing wines compliment the beauty of the location.

I recently checked David Hill’s Facebook page and they produced this wonderful promotional poster.  I was so excited that I am being promoted that I wanted to share it with everyone!

Here is the link:

I hope that some of you are able to make it out this weekend.  I promise that it will be worth your while!  Great wines, chocolate, and music!

Robert Bernadelli

I am new to this…

Hello Everyone,

So this is the first blog I have ever had and I thought that it would be great to have a blog about my music.  For any of you that know me, music is my life.  I live for music (as cliched as that sounds).  I hope that my passion for music shines through this blog.

I am hoping that this will be a place where I can give everyone in depth updates about what is happening with my musical endeavors.  I do so many different projects encompassing so many different types of music that I feel this will be a good way for people to stay informed.  I always check my email so if any of you have questions, comments, ideas on gigs, or anything else, please talk to me at  I am currently looking to book my summer schedule so if you have any places that I could play at, PLEASE let me know!

My websites are as follows:

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you!

Robert E. Bernadelli