My first gig at David Hill Winery was a complete success, in my humble opinion.  I arrived early and was allowed to set up and start playing music.  My set lasted two and a half hours.  It had been a few months since my last gig but I wasn’t rusty and the people listening were very receptive.  The tasting room was set up very well and allowed people to wonder around the two big rooms.  The event was well attended.  I had people that I know (my family and other good friends) show up and give a listen.

Michele, the tasting room manager, was an excellent host and made me feel right at home.  I got to try a few new wines and finally found a Merlot that I liked!  Michele offered me a glass and I said, “sure.”  I took my first leery sip but, to my surprise, I really enjoyed it.  We talked after my performance and she would like to have me back again soon.  I am hoping I get that opportunity because I had a great time and loved the atmosphere!

Thank you to those of you who showed up!  I wouldn’t be able to do this if I didn’t have your support!

Robert Bernadelli